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Artist Retrospective

As part of its programming in 2024 the Library is hosting "Artists' Retrospectives." We are booked through early summer but if you, or a friend, has artwork you would like to display, please email us at or give us a call (207-968-2926) during Library hours to discuss this unique opportunity.
Our first artist is Maria J. King who will be exhibiting her work from January 27 through February 29. Her welcome reception is scheduled for Saturday, February 3, from 2-3. It is open to the public and all are welcome to come meet this exceptional artist.
 The following is a summary from the artist:

Shadow Boxes for Amusement and Contemplation by Maria J. King


During February, Maria King is exhibiting shadow boxes created with printed artworks (paintings, sculptures, photographs, and digitally manipulated images) as well as miscellaneous items such as lichen, moss, sea shells, stones, miniature bottles, etc.

Her interest in making shadow boxes began in May 2023 when she learned that the term "shadow box" originally referred to a box containing sailor's mementos (his shadow) of his time on a ship.  Intrigued by the custom, she decided to create boxes filled with images she cherishes, which constitute her own shadow.

There will be nearly 50 boxes on display.  At the opening reception on February 3, the complete catalog of boxes, with titles, images, and descriptions, will be available.

Maria comes from Warsaw, Poland, and she and her husband, Richard, have lived in Liberty, Maine, since 2011.

For further information, questions, or comments (including comments on the catalog itself) contact her by email at