Library Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Children’s Summer Fun Programs at the Albert Church Brown Memorial Library

China Village
Time - 10-11:30am, ages 5-12
Please preregister by calling Anita Smith at 968-2255 or by email at
June 24: Water Olympics –Have fun “competing” with others in our own Water Olympics. Learn about water tension, chromatography, and bubble-ology. Prepare to get wet!
July 8: What’s a Puffin? -Learn about the puffins that live on tiny islands off the coast of Maine. Make your own flying puffin, learn about their food chains and play some “puffin” games.
July 29: Bristle-Bots - Learn about robots and make your own Bristle-Bot. Participate in several Bristle-Bot competitions, including a Bristle-Bot race!
August 12: Solar Fun- Learn about solar energy and get ready for the upcoming solar eclipse. We will make a solar bead keychain or bracelet, make designs with sun sensitive paper and use solar cells to learn about solar energy. There will be a bonus program at the China School’s Forest on Monday, August 21 from 1-3:30pm to watch a real solar eclipse. On the 21st, we will make pin-hole solar viewers, use solar glasses and have fun playing some solar energy games. Stay tuned for more updates on the China School’s Forest Facebook page.