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 ​With Halloween and All Saints' Day behind us - and setting the clocks back on Saturday - it is time to think about our winter reading list.  How about Lessons in Chemistry?

At the end of each episode of “Supper at Six,” Elizabeth Zott says: “Children, set the table. Your mother needs a moment to herself.” 

"Elizabeth Zott is a chemist. She would be a PhD., except for—well, you know, she’s a woman in science in the 1960s. So she ends up as a researcher at a small institute in California, where she unexpectedly falls in love with Calvin Evans, the institute’s brightest and most eccentric researcher. But when Calvin dies, Elizabeth is left as a single (unwed!) mom, and sexism continue to impede her ability to earn money or move forward in the world. Opportunity arrives in the form of an afternoon cooking show—for Elizabeth to host—but neither the television producer who discovers her nor Elizabeth herself know what to make of the success of Supper at Six. Meanwhile, Elizabeth tries to raise her precocious daughter, Mad, the only way she knows how: scientifically." Kara.Reviews

 Read the book before watching it on AppleTV! 


REMINDER:  Crafty Friends of the China Library will be at Booth 13 at the craft fair at the China Middle School on Saturday, November 4.  They have a wide variety of hats, mittens, socks, toys, home goods, etc.  Be sure to stop by, start your holiday shopping, and support the Library at the same time.