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Artist Reception with Joan Proudman


As part of its programming in 2024 the Library is hosting "Artists' Retrospectives." We are booked through early summer but if you, or a friend, has artwork you would like to display, please email us at or give us a call (207-968-2926) during Library hours to discuss this unique opportunity.
Our next artist is Joan Proudman who will be exhibiting her work from April 06 through May 04. Her welcome reception is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th, from 2-3. It is open to the public and all are welcome to come meet this exceptional artist.

Artist Statement:
Some people go on long journeys, traveling by plane, boat or car, but my journeys go inward into a world of symbols, evoking a sense of mystery, wonder, humor, wit and whimsy.
Rural Maine, with its long, silent winters is a good place to nourish the creative life . Creativity provides meaning and purpose to my life.
As a child, I loved to draw figures and create fantasy worlds. Later, a career in dance and theater was followed by an art degree. Always interested in surrealism, spirituality and depth psychology, my work focuses on the mystery and complexity of human life or is just a fun way to explore the human story.

Proudman's Art has been printed on book and CD covers, in manuals, magazines and online journals. “Rite of Passage” won Special Mention in Mozaik Philanthropy’s National Art Competition (2020). Some of her images were featured in Shadow and Light Magazine’s Surreal Issue, (2021) and appeared in and as the cover art of Maine Arts Journal (2019).
The artist's own photos as well as various photographic elements from stock photography and public domain sites provide the material for her work, after which she edits each piece as well as the work as a whole. A Wacom digital pen, tablet, 22" iMac and Photoshop software is used to cut, paste, blend, filter and enhance multiple layers. The artist does not use Ai.